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I am good at JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, reactjs and family. I have also worked in nodejs. I have been doing web development since 2011 and loved most of the journey. I am still super excited about the future of web development.

I always keep performance in mind when building websites. It’s become harder and harder to keep a tab on site performance with an explosion of easy to use third party libraries. It’s never been easier to build awesome sites. But it’s also never been easier to build a slow one.

My technology of choice when building sites is html, css, javascript, typescript, reactjs, and nodejs.

I like the ideas behind functional programming and try to use them as much as possible in my own code. Immutability rules. I have dabbled a bit in purely functional programming languages like Elm and Haskell.

I like writing open source code code in my free time. Some of my personal work can be found on github - https://github.com/mukeshsoni.

Past work

Saltside (June 2018 - present)

At Saltside, I worked on architecting and rewriting the saltside sites (https://bikroy.com, https://ikman.lk, https://tonaton.com) as responsive Single Page Applications. I was responsible to analyze the business requirements and make the initial technology decisions for frontend.

The main challenges involved in the rewrite were

  1. Writing code which worked for all three markets.
  2. Server rendering the react code with good code splitting. Server rendering was a strict requirement because of SEO.
  3. Having small JavaScript bundle sizes as our users were mostly in countries with low bandwidth internet connections.
  4. The sites had to work responsively across mobile and desktop. Keeping the bundle size small while working seamlessly on mobile and desktop very challenging.
  5. The site should use semantic html to be accessible to people with disabilities.

I was also responsible for mentoring the team members in writing maintainable and performant code as well as for onboarding of new members to the new code base.

Technologies used - HTML, CSS, Sass, TypeScript, ReactJS, preactjs, redux, node.js, Jest, Cypress

Projectplace (June 2014 - March 2018)

At projectplace, I played a key role in getting the company to move from backbone views to Reactjs to be used for the view part. Have developed a number of reactjs components of various complexities over the past 4 years.

  • Convinced the company to adopt reactjs in 2014 when reactjs was quite young. Did multiple prototypes and gave multiple presentations showcasing the developer productivity boost reactjs brought in.
  • Rewrote the frontend for the commenting system used on projectplace.com from scratch. The commenting system is now used on every tool on the site.
  • Rewrote the frontend for documents management system on projectplace.com from scratch.
  • Wrote the frontend for a new tool, called roadmap, (along with a colleague) on projectplace.com.
  • Moved the build system for our frontend code from gulp based tasks to webpack.
  • Brought in a number of functional programming ideas into the frontend community at projectplace.

Freelance web developer

As a freelancer web developer, i did a project for TP Vision from Nov 2013 - Feb 2014.

Built an authentication/reporting server for android based smart TVs (by TPVision). The smart tvs in question would be able to enjoy other services in the tv only after authenticating with a central server. This server is designed to handle upto 10-20 million television authentications in a day. The authentication is digest based and sends across a 11kb payload as response.

The server handles 600 requests per second running on a 4 core i7 machine with 2 gb RAM.

BrizzTV (Dec 2011 - Oct 2013)

In BrizzTV, i was simultaneously working on more than one project most of the time. Some of the noteworthy ones are mentioned below -

  • MCUBE android app - An app for organizing your expenses by reading bank transaction smses.
  • Made a backend systems which pulls tweets from specific handles, hashtags, search strings from twitter (using twitter api), stores them in our system and pushes them to television channels (real time tweets on tv).
  • Made an intuitive ad inventory management and scheduling system (both UI and backend) for ad publishers.
  • Made the interface and backend to push content directly from browser to any tv channel. The push system is realtime (about 5 seconds delay).


Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science, NITK Surathkal (2004)

Contact Details

Email: mukeshsoni@gmail.com

Github - https://github.com/mukeshsoni
LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/mksoni/
stackoverflow - https://stackoverflow.com/users/821720/mukesh-soni
Twitter - https://twitter.com/mukeshsoni

Mukesh Soni

This is the personal blog of Mukesh Soni. I am a frontend engineer who's exhausted trying to keep up with the new technologies in the frontend world. I am good at JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React (ReactJS) and family. I have worked with nodejs but i am not an expert in it. I have been doing this stuff since 2011.

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