Mukesh Soni

Written by Mukesh Soni. Now looking for a frontend gig. Good at JavaScript, reactjs and family. Knows and has worked in nodejs. Been doing this stuff for 7 years (since 2011).

I transitioned into web development from a business analyst role 7 years back and have never looked back.

I like the ideas behind functional programming and try to use them as much as possible in my own code. Immutability rules.

I also love looking into ways to make a developers life easier and try building tools to improve developer productivity. This i do in my free time.

Currently use reactjs and redux for writing complex frontend applications. Have decent knowledge about CSS, Haskell and elm too.

Have been getting into `react-native` of late and loving it. `react-native` might be the future of mobile development.

Know a little bit of purescript, haskell and elm. You can ask me about functors 😜.

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I am good at JavaScript, reactjs and family. I know and have worked in nodejs. Been doing web development for 7 years (since 2011) and loved…

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