Customizing Bootstrap from twitter

June 11, 2012

I have been using Bootstrap from twitter for quite some time now. I love how i can easily create beautiful looking forms and other controls in such a quick time. But there comes a time when you get bored using the same thing again and again. You want to customize the form elements or the navigation bar or change the damn color scheme (you get the idea).

Bootstrap uses Less which is not that tough to customize but not for a novice by any means. It’s here that you feel the need for more out of the box recipes made specifically for bootstrap. I will list a few sites i visit when i feel the need for tweaking bootstrap -

  • Bootswatch - Welcome bootswatch.com. It has pre-made themes specifically for bootstrap. You can cook your own theme and preview it before you are ready to download that customized version of bootstrap for your site. I liked the site and would visit it regularly for quite some time. Go, give it a try.
  • Bootswatchr - Another place where you can change different variables in bootstrap (like color, font size etc.) and live preview the results of your changes is bootswatchr. Nice place to quickly view the impact of your choice and then make the final change in your own files.
  • BuiltWithBootstrap - The last one in my list of interesting sites for inspiration material on bootstrap is builtwithbootstrap. It showcases live sites which are built with bootstrap. Again nice place to visit when you are stuck for ideas.

Hope these sites are useful in your endeavor of making beautiful sites (or should i say “webapps”?).

Mukesh Soni

Written by Mukesh Soni. Now looking for a frontend gig. Good at JavaScript, reactjs and family. Knows and has worked in nodejs. Been doing this stuff for 7 years (since 2011).

I transitioned into web development from a business analyst role 7 years back and have never looked back.

I like the ideas behind functional programming and try to use them as much as possible in my own code. Immutability rules.

I also love looking into ways to make a developers life easier and try building tools to improve developer productivity. This i do in my free time.

Currently use reactjs and redux for writing complex frontend applications. Have decent knowledge about CSS, Haskell and elm too.

Have been getting into `react-native` of late and loving it. `react-native` might be the future of mobile development.

Know a little bit of purescript, haskell and elm. You can ask me about functors 😜.

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