Been developing ui applications for the web for the last few years. JavaScript has been the primary language of use but interested in trying out a more functional language in future.

Currently a reactjs fanboy for writing frontend stuff.


Languages - JavaScript, PHP, Java

Databases - MySQL, MongoDB, redis

Frameworks/Libraries - reactjs, redux, backbonejs, expressjs, Yii, angularjs

Build tools - webpack, browserify, gulp, grunt

Misc (don't know how to categorize these) - nodejs, jquery, css

Excited About (things i am trying to learn/understand) - Elm, React Native, Clojure, ClojureScript, grahpql, relay, immutablejs

Companies worked in

Past work

At projectplace, played a key role in getting the company to move from backbone views to Reactjs to be used for the view part. Have developed a number of reactjs components of various complexities over the past 1 and a half years. Also responsible for maintainance of frontend code of part of the site.

As a freelancer, i did a project for TP Vision from Nov 2013 - Feb 2014.

Built an authentication/reporting server for android based smart TVs (by TPVision). The smart tvs in question would be able to enjoy other services in the tv only after authenticating with a central server. This server is designed to handle upto 10-20 million television authentications in a day. The authentication is digest based and sends across a 11kb payload as response.

The server handles 600 requests per second running on a 4 core i7 machine with 2 gb RAM.

In BrizzTV, i was simultaneously working on more than one project most of the time. Some of the noteworthy ones are mentioned below -

I also made the front end for specifying rules by which a tweet is connected to a particular channel as well as the front end to manage the handles, hash tags and search strings for pulling the tweets.

You can see the product live on airtel DTH on many channels.

Made a corresponding chrome extension which allows a user to view relevant ad overlays on youtube videos. The idea was to show ads relevant to what someone is wearing/holding in that particular scene.

The ad inventory was for showing ads on custom movie channels. The idea is to show free movies on television but with permanent ads on the side and bottom. To enjoy ad free movie, subscription is required.

I made the system to maintain the ads, their publisher details, scheduling details and a system to automatically push ads to the proper tv channel at the right time.

I was a business analyst for multiple multi million dollar project while i was working in Infosys.


Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science, NITK Surathkal (2004)

Contact Details

Email: mukeshsoni [at] gmail [dot] com

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